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Indonesia Boya Project Department joint fire safety drill

Indonesia Boya Project De..2020-03-27

 2020 fire emergency drill of the second coastal project department of Vietnam

2020 fire emergency dril..2020-03-27

Hunan electric power logistics was awarded red flag unit and silver award in 2019

Hunan electric power logi..2020-03-27

Domestic Engineering Logistics

CSALC provides door-to-door logistics services for large-scale construction projects. Its working scope includes pre-planning of engineering projects, prompting delivery of Engineering equipment, multi-modal transportation of equipment, on-site storage and distribution, installation assistant, spare parts and data transfer and other engineering equipment and materials door-to-door logistics services. The service target covers large enterprises in power construction, petrochemical energy, coal chemical industry, metallurgy, nuclear power, equipment manufacturing, infrastructure and other fields.