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The persistence of CSALC Ezhou Enterprise Station under the new coronavirus epidemic

Date of publication:2020-02-03Publisher: Zhang ShujunNumber of visits:5239

  The outbreak of the new coronavirus pneumonia was fierce. Under the circumstance of all-staff avoiding the epidemic, a total of 159 employees in 11 enterprise stations and 4 storage projects of CSALC stuck to their posts to provide material transportations and equipment storage services for the power plants. Among them, drawing the most attention one is the enterprise station in ezhou, hubei province, which is closest to the epidemic area in wuhan.

  With the epidemic spreading,Guo Xiwen,general manager of CSALC directed the work to make sure the epidemic didn't affect routine work of Erzhou enterprise station. The staff on duty of Erzhou station carried the work with strong will in the harsh time. It shows the courage and responsibility of CSALC staff.