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Shan Zhongli and his delegation went deep into field investigation of Zhangbei Project of CSALC

Date of publication:2019-08-05Publisher: Zhang Shu junNumber of visits:3859

  In order to carry out the grass-roots research on the theme of “Remain true to our original aspiration and keep our mission firmly in mind”on August 1st 2019, Shan Zhongli, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of China ChengTong Holdings Group, Ltd., led Yao Lijun, director of the discipline inspection and supervision office of the Group, and Ma Yufan, director of the Party office, to the equipment transportation site of China Special Artical Logistics Zhangbei Converter Station to investigate the clean energy logistics market. Liu Qingwu, deputy general manager of CTS International Logistics Co., Ltd., Guo Xiwen, General Manager of China Special Artical Logistics Co., Ltd. and Chen Cinian, General Secretary of the Party branch accompanied the investigation.