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Indonesia Boya Project Department joint fire safety drill

Indonesia Boya Project De..2020-03-27

 2020 fire emergency drill of the second coastal project department of Vietnam

2020 fire emergency dril..2020-03-27

Hunan electric power logistics was awarded red flag unit and silver award in 2019

Hunan electric power logi..2020-03-27

Transport of dangerous goods

As a dangerous goods logistics services provider, CSALC owns Road Transport License (category 7 Radioactive Materials) and has obtained qualification for commercial transportation of nuclear material in china. It is qualified to transport dangerous goods besides military transport. The company provides road transportation of radioactive materials such as nuclear fuel, spent fuel, natural uranium and various products of nuclear fuel supply chain; It also provides railway transportation of radioactive materials such as natural uranium, road & railway transportation of nuclear power plant equipment, transportation of municipal wastes and spent radiation sources. CSALC provides transportation services for CNNC, CGNPC, NPP, NPIC and etc.